available March 2021!


fully recyclable

URBANTIGER goes wear2wear™ 


[first edition fully recyclable outdoorjacket] 

URBANTIGER x wear2wear™

With the first edition of the wear2wear™ outdoorjacket, URBANTIGER  launches the first comercially available and fully recyclable outdoor jacket. This also marks the start of the introduction of the URBANTIGER brand on the European market with many sustainable fashion products to come in future. With this product all efforts of the wear2wear™ consortium come together and showcase that sustainability and recycling are not fiction but commercially feasable and now available!


Working together to close the textile loop
Our vision is to manufacture high-​quality textile products from 100 percent recycled textiles
wear2wear™ is an innovative partnership between companies that have committed to running their businesses in a sustainable and environmentally-​friendly manner. Each partner makes an individual contribution to the closed textile loop. www.wear2wear.org (click chart for direct link).

Recyclable fabric

Together with our wear2wear™ core partners, Schoeller Textil AG, Sympatex Technologies and Carl Weiske we have developed a fully recyclable 3-layer laminate, produced under the stringent  bluesign® criteria.

Dissolvable yarn

The wear2wear™ technology partner  Climatex® supports with their patented yarn which dissolves in boiling water, making disasembly and separation of the jacket's components an uncomplicated procedure.

Clever solutions

Integrated magnets ensure that pockets can be closed safely and on top the magnetic mechanism can be easily removed during disasembly and recycling of the jacket after its life cycle.

Single piece zipper

The wear2wear™ jacket zipper is a single piece and the wearer can adjust the height of closing of the jacket and hood freely to its needs. The zipper is sewn in with the patented Climatex® yarn and can be removed before recycling in one go and be reused or recycled on its own.e